Last Friday Guppy was shown at the Now Play This festival in London, as part of the Cardboard Arcade.

Guppy at Now Play This

It was great to see people enjoying the game in person! People have written nice things or made LP videos of the game before, but this was the first time it’s been selected for an event. Guppy even got a mention in The Guardian‘s 13 fascinating games from the Now Play This Festival article! I also did a quick microtalk about “Why designers should learn animation” (slides here).

In other news, Guppy since semi-recently is also available for Mac and iOS.

This is the first post here in a good long while… As mentioned previously I’ve mostly been writing about my projects elsewhere and writing everything twice seemed fairly superfluous, but I think I might start simply cross-posting some of my writings from devlogs and other places.