Guppy at Now Play This

Last Friday Guppy was shown at the Now Play This festival in London, as part of the Cardboard Arcade.

Guppy at Now Play This

It was great to see people enjoying the game in person! People have written nice things or made LP videos of the game before, but this was the first time it’s been selected for an event. Guppy even got a mention in The Guardian‘s 13 fascinating games from the Now Play This Festival article! I also did a quick microtalk about “Why designers should learn animation” (slides here).

In other news, Guppy since semi-recently is also available for Mac and iOS.

This is the first post here in a good long while… As mentioned previously I’ve mostly been writing about my projects elsewhere and writing everything twice seemed fairly superfluous, but I think I might start simply cross-posting some of my writings from devlogs and other places.

Guppy released


In my last post I mentioned I was going to add sound to Guppy. Now there is both sound and music, the latter by Kejero. The music changes with context too, so different tracks are layered in when you’re swimming with a school of fish for example or being chased by a predator…

I’ve also been working on a mobile version for Android, so now you can play it on Windows, in a browser on Gamejolt, or on the phone or tablet.

And it’s done! A bunch of people have said nice things.


It seems the hacking really took the momentum out of this blog. I’ve been meaning to write something but haven’t found much time between projects.

Work continues on the Greek vase game mentioned below, but I’m already posting updates for that on TIGSource, Indie DB, Greenlight, YouTube and Twitter so posting them here seems a bit redundant. I have been working on a few other things as well though so I’ll try and do a post or two about that.

Greek Vases

So right now the main project I’m working on in my spare time is Hellas:

Hellas - a game about Greek mythology

It’s a 2D action/platform game about Greek mythology that takes place on the surface of a black-figure vase. It’s a fairly ambitious project in terms of (potential) scope, but I’m building it up slowly, one part at a time, and picking my battles carefully. So far I’ve got platform movement, the beginnings of combat mechanics and an art-style…

I’m keeping a devlog on the TIGS forums and you can also follow the development on YouTube or Indie DB. I’ll post more thoughts and updates as the game takes shape…

work-in-progress v10


So last month my website was hacked and I had to take down the blog.

I’ve decided to rebuild it, outside of the main site this time. I will get back to posting about projects I’m working on, maybe some sketching, and general ponderings about animation and games.

Stay tuned.